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The short film “Relationship Status: Online” is a portrayal of a relationship between Jen and his boyfriend, just a common relationship between two lovers. At the beginning of being “in a relationship”, the two were both happy with each other. Jen often posts pictures of them everywhere they go or whatever they do. Eventually, with Jen posting a lot of photos, her boyfriend got mad and felt like there were no privacy happening between them and the social media. They fought but at the end, they both realize the importance of having quality time and maintaining a private life within them.

To love and be loved are two of the most precious things that one could experience. Being in a relationship with someone special helps you to be motivated with what you do and to be inspired in times of loneliness. Based on the film, communication plays an important role in having a healthy relationship. It forms a strong bond between two people for them to understand each other and fix things up. One should always attend to the needs of the other person and not just be someone who’s sweet and loving in photos posted in social networking sites such as Facebook. The social media, today’s most prevalent tool for communication, often becomes the major barrier between the relationship of two people. It often breaks-in the personal life of a person; thus, making his life open for anyone who can easily intrigue it. Posting and sharing things online is okay but just like what they say, “too much is bad”. The general public should be mature enough in knowing what to post and what not to. They should be responsible for their online actions for it can cause various conflicts to your real life.

The Relationship Status: Online is a short film that allowed the viewers to contemplate the importance of privacy within a relationship. Just like in the film, women are more socially linked than men. Generally, men always want things to just be private and they do not want to share things to everyone. Being proud with your partner and posting your photos online is a nice way of showing appreciation but the mere fact that the time you spend editing your photos and choosing the best filter to use is a waste of time. Instead of talking to your partners and sharing good news with each other, you just keep on scrolling your smartphones and waiting for the number of  likes and reactions you will receive for your post. Dates, bonding moments, chill times, and the likes should and shall preserve its essence. People should not let the social media to interfere your connection to your real world because once the internet was gone, social media will also vanish; but no matter what you do, when you prioritize your loved ones, they will always remain.

Art by borda.deviantart.

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