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(A short story written by Revan Oversoul)

A Reaction Paper


The short story “Being Alone (Jamie’s story)” by Revan Oversoul is a heart-warming story depicting the situation of introvert people. It tells the feeling of a person who loves to be alone. For some, being in solitary is refreshing and much fulfilling rather than surrounding yourself with a bunch of egoistic and fake people. At first, Jamie was fine being alone. She doesn’t mind what other people say about her but as she grew older, being ‘alone’ caused her to have trouble making friends. Her classmates, who knew her for a long time, tease, bully, and make fun of her. Fortunately, when she is about to lose hope, a good news came. Her father got a new job in another state, wherein it also states that Jamie needs to transfer to another school. It seemed like a light flashed into her dark world. She knew that this would be a great way to start her life anew. On her first day, she changed herself. She displayed a wide smile, which for her was fake, as she met her new classmates. Eventually, she easily made new friends. As time pass by, she’s getting uncomfortable with her new self. There’s a point wherein she wanted to go back to being alone but there’s also this point wherein she’s happy with all the attention she’s gaining. At the end, Jamie should just learn to adapt herself to her new self. She should learn to control her emotions and just be true to herself and to the other people.

As Jamie grew older, she often box herself out and exclude herself from the real world. Just like Jamie, there are several people that experiences the same situation she has. A teenager often refuses to let anyone come into his life and be part of it because the silence he has with himself is like an armor that protects him from any harm. Until then, the conflict between the teenager and the other people arose. Other people cannot understand his strangeness or his behavior, therefore, they pester him. The more a person makes fun of someone, the more the victim will depend on his self solely. The tension between the victim and the bully makes the victim’s life miserable for the latter always misunderstood the former and the former already has a little affection for the latter. Another conflict when a person is not being who he truly is is uncomfortability. Changing one’s self to be liked by other people is rough because as time pass by, he cannot handle his own emotions anymore. He will struggle from being an introvert to be a forced extrovert, from a shy-type young man to an outgoing lad, and from a silent one to a very jolly person. At Jamie’s story, the moment she felt uncomfortable with herself was the turning point wherein she realized how hard it was to be ‘not her’. The short story by Oversoul was an open door for people who are afraid to express their selves. The lesson of the story is that people should not allow themselves to be fond of being alone. People should learn to engage themselves with other people for their own welfare.

Jamie’s story benefits two kinds of people in the society – the introverts and the bullies. For an introvert, the story might help him to overcome his fear in dealing with other people. Not all the time, he can lock himself in his four-corner bedroom and stay with his shadow. There will always be a point in a person’s life wherein he should be a better version of himself. Nobody should be afraid of it. A famous saying goes, “No man is an island.” A person can’t live by himself alone. One always need accompaniment of somebody rather than his family. On the other hand, bullies also learn from the story. It helps them realize and learn how to respect other people. The world is composed of around seven billion people living in seven different continents. Each person has his own personality that makes him distinct from the other people. Thus, one should be proud of who he is. Nobody shall change for him to be accepted by the society. Adapting is different from changing. In order for this world to be a better place, the humanity shall learn to adapt himself with the people and not entirely change who he truly is. In this way, he can easily engage with the people and at the same be true to his self.

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