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The Restraints on the Implementation of Death Penalty

“Life is a game, play it… Life is too precious,

do not destroy it.”

– Mother Teresa

The Restraints on the Implementation of Death Penalty

For these past few days, the news about the implementation of death penalty was continuously circulating the headlines of televisions, newspapers, and even the social media. We, Filipinos, can easily notice the rapid increase of crime rates in the Philippines. Behind those crimes that were committed are youths and teenagers that still belong to the under-aged group of the society. This is one of the factors that pushed our president, Pres. Duterte, to re-implement the Death Penalty Act. We could clearly observe and watch from the news the opinion of the different sectors such as some senators who are pro and some senators and church leaders who are against this act. Recently, the provisions under death penalty were revised to the extent that crimes such as rape, treason, and plunder are omitted and drug-related crimes are only subjected to death penalty.

As Pres. Duterte said, death penalty could prevent crime. It can also prevent teenagers and other people to take the wrong path. These are the only advantages of death penalty that I knew. In contrary, there are several disadvantages that underlie this act. This causes the society to have their own point of view; thus, providing a bigger gap between the church and the state. The value of money might prevail over justice, equality, and fairness because most of the caught and killed suspects are poor people while those that belong to the “high-profile criminals” are still safe. Death penalty can also make death rate grow exponentially because about fifty persons will be sentenced to death every month. Most importantly, the greatest disadvantage that death penalty could bring is the depression and grief that it would cause to the children who might witness the act.

Based on my opinion and beliefs, I am against death penalty. First is because it is already stated on the Ten Commandments of God that we shouldn’t kill and we must cherish and protect the life we have. I believe that death penalty will only condemn innocent people to save other people in high position. I also believe that the re-implementation of death penalty would have bad effects on the children of the victims. It will also remove the rights of those people who want to change. Lastly, I will not support death penalty because I believe that only God has the right if He’ll take someone’s life or not.

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