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SHS Career Talk 2017

“Risk something or forever sit with your dreams.”

-Herb Brooks

To : Ms. Carmina Kaye F. Melicor

        English for Academic and Professional Purposes – ABM

From : Stephanie France H. Nodado

Date : March 14, 2017

Subject: SHS Career Talk 2017

The SHS Career Talk 2017 aims to guide the students of the right path to take when they enter Senior High School. It was held at the Grade 10 classrooms at the Main Building of Ramon Pascual Institute last February 22 and 23, 2017, Wednesday and Thursday. The career talk targets the Grade 10 students of Ramon Pascual Institute in order to inform them the difference and the scope of each academic strand and to influence them to choose the school mentioned above as their school for Senior High.

From a total of 180 student population, 150 of them participated in the survey conducted by the speakers. The speakers surveyed the Batch 2016 – 2017 advisory class of Ms. Joydee Tejero, 10-Curie, with a participant population of 43 students, Mr. Guillermo Sandatan, 10-Dalton, with 37 student participants, Mr. Alif Sual, 10-Edison, with 36 student participants, and Ms. Melanie Ochoa, 10-Franklin, with 34 student participants. 48 students out of 150 chose Ramon Pascual Institute as their first choice of school while 22 students of 150 chose Ramon Pascual Institute as their second choice. Among the gathered results, Ramon Pascual Institute (80), University of Perpetual Help System Dalta (17), and Olivarez College (11), ranked as the top 3 chosen schools of the students from Junior High School, respectively. As the speakers interview the students who plans to transfer to another school, the reasons why they will leave is because they are seeking for a new environment and because of the decisions of their parents. On the other hand, those that are willing to stay will not leave because they still are seeking for something and they still want to prove themselves before they dare to enter a new world.

Based on the date gathered, almost 53% of the students will stay and 47% will leave. The speakers might conclude that there are still students who still seeks to challenge themselves even if they already warn them about the possible disadvantages that they may encounter when they leave. Some students are having second thoughts on which school to choose and there are also some who are already decided.

As a Senior High School student at Ramon Pascual Institute and as a speaker myself, I recommend that students should think of this matter carefully. They should consult their parents and teachers when making decisions like this because this can already define their future. Once you enter something, one should always remember that turning backs is not always an option. There are only two primary options in life, to continue or to stop. The time you will spend when you stop is a great waste of time especially when the reason why you stopped is due to wrong decisions. In this case, the school should still continue to guide the students with their decisions and improve those things that the students notice from them. Likewise, the students should also put into consideration the benefits and advantages they will get if they stay like the ESC/Voucher, teacher and school factor, flexible schedule, and etc.



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